Welcome to the Options Registration System (OReS).
OReS is designed to be the simplist registration system available for all your event needs.

If you would like to view a demo of the registration system please check out our
ACME Demonstration Company site.

Please note: not all features of the OReS are available on the demonstration site. To view a PowerPoint presentation of all of the Options OReS system features, view it at: http://www.options-cm.com/options.ppt (3.05MB)

The OReS system provides your entire organization with the tools necessary to manage a wide variety of event needs:

  • Secure sign-ins
  • User profile management
  • Custom defined event registration fields
  • Guestroom preference
  • Spousal information
  • Rooming lists
  • Transportation requests to and from airports
  • Event/activity attendance
  • Special requests e.g. dietary needs
  • Complete attendance reporting
  • Customized report generation engine
  • HTML and plain text confirmations
  • Host all documentation related to an event
  • Post-event quality survey management
    • Create up to 4 user defined ranking categories
      • Create up to 5 questions per category
    • Create up to 4 user defined fill-in categories
      • Create to to 3 questions per category
    • Automatically send survey requests to all registrants
    • Track anonymous and identified user responses
    • Graphical and excel based real-time results
  • Registration invitation management
    • Create invitation lists based on past events
    • Easily manage existing lists - add/remove invitees
    • Create custom messages for each invitation sent
    • Track all invitees versus registrations
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